Laura Sagra Teases Enviable Bikini Body In Latest Instagram Selfie

Laura Sagra takes a selfie
Laura Sagra / Instagram

Colombian Instagram model Laura Sagra wowed her 890,000 followers with her latest post. The celebrity wore a revealing string bikini as she posed in front of a mirror in order to snap the selfie.

Laura wore a dark-colored string bikini in her new update. The item of clothing appeared to feature thin straps that tied up in a halterneck fashion. However, she wore a cropped white T-shirt with black writing and multicolored stripes on it, so the top was not entirely visible. Part of the bathing suit poked out underneath, though, revealing its plunging neckline, much of her ample cleavage, and just the smallest hint of underboob.

The bikini briefs were similarly racy as they sat incredibly low on her curvaceous hips. They were done up in bows at each side and the celebrity’s toned physique and chiseled abs were certainly the focal points of the shot.

Laura’s blond locks were straightened and parted to the side. They cascaded over one shoulder as she took the photo.

She seemed to be standing in her bathroom for the photo opportunity. Behind the model was what appeared to be marble or granite tiles in a neutral shade. In one corner were several elephant statues positioned one on top of the other. Several framed pictures of butterflies also adorned the walls.

As soon as Laura posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. In less than a day, the photo had gathered close to 38,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her devoted admirers.

Considering Laura is based in Colombia, the vast majority of the comments were in Spanish. However, it was very easy to tell via Google Translate that many of these translated to variants of “beautiful” as her fans gushed out their praise.

“Girl the older you get the more ravishing you become,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“Gorgeous,” a fan said.

“What a Beauty,” said another user.

“Great and so kissable your beautiful face so pretty,” a fourth person wrote, peppering their comment with multiple emoji.

Many of her supporters used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the image. The most popular were the heart, heart-eyes, and fire emoji.

While Laura was eager to show off her enviable figure in today’s Instagram update, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, she rocked a Boho look yesterday. Wearing a flowing white skirt and cropped red top, she also sported a black leather jacket as she delighted her fans with her look.