Nastia Liukin Reveals She's In Love With A New Guy, Says He Came Into Her Life When She Needed Him Most

Stacy Carey

Olympic champion Nastia Liukin just made a big change in her life, and she wasted little time in sharing the exciting news with her Instagram followers. In a pair of posts and a series of snapshots, Nastia introduced her new guy to the world: an adorable dog she named Harley. The pup is now with her and people could hardly stand how cute the two looked together.

Nastia's post on Tuesday revealed the heartwarming news. She uploaded six pictures and said that she was ready to shake things up for the rest of 2020. She introduced Harley, and it was clear that she was in love.

"Harley is a cutie like you are a hottie!!!" one of her fans commented.

It also appeared that the gold medalist decided to change up her hairstyle this week too. She seemed to have gone a bit shorter with her blond tresses, adding some bangs and a fair amount of sass. By the looks of things, both the haircut and the addition of the dog had Nastia feeling pretty great.

She acknowledged that she already very much in love with him and noted that she didn't expect him to enter her life. She may not have been planning this for long, but the Olympian admitted that she definitely needed this new furry addition.

Nastia said that the canine had already made her smile more since they found one another than she had smiled in a long time.

"Dogs are the BEST therapy, and I'm definitely partial to male dogs. Enjoy the snuggles!!!!" a fan said.

Prior to the move, Nastia had been dating NFL player Sam Martin. It seems that the two split recently, but they have both kept the details private. Given her newly single status, it's understandable that adding this new puppy could help her a lot in mending her broken heart and embracing her new world.

"Dogs really make the world a better place," another person wrote.

"If we all could live the life of a dog -- spreading smiles and joy effortlessly to everyone we meet. Needing nothing but a hug and a belly scratch in return," a fourth fan said.

It looks like Nastia is already head-over-heels for her new partner, and the Olympian's supporters are glad to see her looking so happy and content.