Anllela Sagra Teases Fans In Rolled Down Jeans & A Mint Lace Bra

Colombian beauty Anllela Sagra took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to share some new pictures and they immediately raised some heart rates. The model posed in a pair of jeans and racy bra, along with loads of confidence, and these uploads needed no explanation or justification.

Each of the photos that Anllela shared showed her in the same ensemble. Her mint-green bra had some lace detailing and sheer panels that seemingly prompted her to carefully cover her breasts so she could reveal a great deal of cleavage without breaking Instagram’s rules.

Her brunette tresses tumbled over one shoulder to cover one of her breasts. In addition, she used an arm over her chest to obscure the other breast.

The jeans that Anllela wore were unbuttoned and fully unzipped. She had the waistband folded over and pushed down on her hips, letting them ride dangerously low.

This enticing ensemble gave Anllela the opportunity to flaunt her insanely chiseled abs. In the first photo, she pursed her lips and gazed directly toward the camera with a sultry expression.

“You are the goddess!!!” one of her followers commented.

In the second photo, Anllela cocked one hip and twisted her open mouth into a somewhat silly expression. Some might say she seemed to almost be growling in this pic. The final snapshot showed her sticking out her tongue.

It appeared that these pictures were taken in a bathroom, with a glass shower door behind her. She posted several emoji in her caption and that was all people needed to shower her with praise.

“Your abs and your body is perfect,” a fan declared.

“You never disappoint,” another fan said.

The 26-year-old brunette has a following of 11.7 million people on her Instagram page, and they wasted no time in showing their love for this revealing garment combination. More than 75,000 fans liked the set of snapshots during the first few hours after she shared them.

In addition, more than 650 followers added comments.

“Amazing body girl and amazing outfit keep looking hot,” encouraged another fan.

Anllela has certainly learned that sharing snaps featuring her in a bra and other skimpy garments drive her fans wild. Not long ago, she showcased her stunning physique in a brassiere and matching pair of panties, and followers certainly loved that ensemble.

Adding jeans to the mix could have perhaps left her dedicated supporters wanting more. However, leaving them fully unzipped and pushed down to expose her hips as she did seemed to be the perfect strategy to ensure her admirers remained fully engaged and appreciative of her phenomenally fit physique.