WWE News: Former Superstar Told Vince McMahon That He’d ‘Failed As A Leader’

Vince McMahon wears a pink suit on WWE television

Eric Young was a guest on the latest episode of Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube show, and during the conversation, he discussed criticizing Vince McMahon to his face.

As quoted by Ringside News, he told the WWE chairman that he wasn’t succeeding at his job. This was due to the fact that McMahon couldn’t find a place for him on the card.

“If you have a three-hour television show, pro-wrestling television show, and you can’t find something for me to do then you are failing as a leader. Plain and simple. You failed your company. You failed the shareholders, you failed the fans and you failed yourself.”

During the interview, Young also discussed how McMahon can make his mind up about superstars based on one mistake. He suggested that the boss doesn’t pay enough attention to follow everyone’s progress, and if he catches them doing one thing he doesn’t like at the time, they won’t get any opportunities afterward.

The former superstar also said that McMahon wants everyone to act the same way. In Young’s opinion, however, that’s not what wrestling should be. He believes in creativity, which he feels is lacking in WWE. He also noted how Dean Ambrose — who now competes in AEW as Jon Moxley — left for the same reason.

While Young was critical of McMahon, he also said that they were always respectful toward each other. He recalled having conversations with the chairman and being listened to. However, none of his pitches or ideas were considered in the end.

Young’s latest remarks echo sentiments he made last week. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he talked about how the promotion didn’t take advantage of his Sanity faction on the main roster, even though they were popular in NXT. He also revealed that this led to him confronting his boss.

Eric Young makes his way to the ring

Young doesn’t appear to be harboring any regrets. He went on to tell Van Vliet that he believes everything happens for a reason, and he’s happy to be back in Impact Wrestling. He also said that he has no regrets about joining WWE, even if his experience was negative overall.

Young was one of several free agents who joined Impact at this year’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. He competed in the main event in a five-way elimination match for the World Championship. While he didn’t walk out with the gold, his inclusion in such a high-profile match suggests that the promotion has big plans for him.