Dasha Mart Flaunts Dangerous Curves In Gold Bikini On Hollywood Beach

Dasha Mart snaps a mirror selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Dasha Mart turned up the heat to the max in her latest Instagram post. The model shared a series of images on her feed in which she posed on a beach and rocked a vibrant gold bikini while flaunting her best assets.

The photos showed Dasha frolicking on a somewhat crowded Hollywood Beach in Florida, according to the post’s geotag. The sand was lined with tall buildings and palm trees as she stood at the back of the beach. In the distance, the ocean rolled onto the shore as the sun allowed for a beautiful day. The rays shone down on the model and reflected off her skimpy swimwear.

Dasha’s look included a triangle-shaped top with clear straps that went around her neck and back. The gold cups pushed her cleavage up and out at the center. In addition, the open back concept helped the Russian bombshell flaunt her sideboob.

The skimpy top cut off at Dasha’s bust, so her toned abs were on full display. She paired the top with a matching thong that appeared to be slightly big, as the fabric gapped at her waist. The clear strings came up above her hips and hugged her hourglass figure closely. Meanwhile, the high cuts allowed her to expose her famously long legs and toned booty.

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Dasha accessorized her outfit with a silver belly button stud. She wore her lusciously long, blond hair down in slight waves.

In the first photo, Dasha posed with her back to the camera as she stuck her derriere out and arched her back. She looked over her shoulder but kept her eyes closed.

The second image showed the babe facing front as she pulled her legs together and bent one knee. She arched her back once more and ran a hand through her locks.

Finally, the third photo saw Dasha plucking at the center strap with her thumb to expose even more cleavage. She pushed one hip out to the side and smiled at the water.

The post received more than 6,100 likes and nearly 200 comments in an hour as fans expressed admiration for her killer figure in the comments section.

“You are a golden Barbie,” one fan said.

“Looking absolutely beautiful,” another user added.

“As beautiful as the sky and earth,” a third person wrote with red hearts.

Dasha is always able to send her fans into a total frenzy. Earlier this week, she got dolled up in a black mini dress and flaunted her endless legs, which her fans loved.