Anastasiya Kvitko Reveals Major Cleavage & Freshly Colored Tresses In Stunning Instagram Snap

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” of Instagram, Anastasiya Kvitko, had a slightly new look to share with her millions of fans on Wednesday. The model was anxious to show off her freshly-done hair, but that was hardly the only thing that her followers noticed and loved.

In the caption of Kvitko’s new upload, she praised her new hair color and tagged the page for a stylist named Armando. She noted that the color was different and that she loved it, and she tousled her tresses as the photo was snapped.

It appeared that Kvitko’s hair color change was fairly subtle. She tends to tweak the hues of her locks fairly frequently, and it looked like she added in some light browns this time. The brunette often embraces blond highlights, and now she seemed to be somewhere in the middle with a beautiful combination of colors.

“It really looks gorgeous on you so beautiful,” one of Kvitko’s fans commented.

Kvitko gazed directly toward the camera for this shot. Her locks were parted down the middle and the long, straight tresses tumbled over her shoulders.

Granted, there was plenty more for people to appreciate in this new upload aside from the Russian model’s hairstyle. She wore a white, lacy garment that showcased her busty assets and slender waist, and people were quick to take notice.

The 25-year-old beauty is known in large part for her insane hourglass figure and everybody got to see some of those curves in this shot. Her lacy white frock had an extremely low V-neckline that allowed Kvitko to showcase a significant amount of cleavage. The ensemble was formfitting through her torso to emphasize her tiny waist, and the combination prompted a lot of love from her fans.

“YOU ARE SO STUNNING,” a follower declared.

It took only an hour for nearly 45,000 of Kvitko’s 11.3 million followers to like this new photo. In addition, more than 1,000 people added comments, and it was all love for the Russian model.

“How much beauty and so much sensuality,” another follower of Kvitko’s noted.

“You’re undeniably, one of the top ten most gorgeous women in the world!!” someone else declared.

Kvitko is known for flaunting her curves, and her cleavage and derriere are frequently given an intense amount of love. In a recent video, the stunner flaunted her bodacious booty along with the rest of her stunning physique in a Bang Energy video, and her supporters went wild over it. This new photo showed much less of her figure, but she still showed just enough to cause a stir among her millions of followers.