Audrey Roloff Rocks A Bikini At The Lake During Fun-Filled Outing

Audrey Roloff snaps a selfie.
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Audrey Roloff flaunted her bikini body on Instagram for the second time in a week. The mother-of-two added several photos to her feed that captured her enjoying some time on the lake.

The first image in the series showed the reality star and her family of four posing on the front of a boat. She stood next to her husband and smiled big for the camera as she held her son, Bode, in her arms. The setting was spectacular and offered a view of a mountain and a calm lake. Jeremy held their daughter, Ember, in front of him, and he knelt one knee on a seat and the other on the ground.

Audrey opted for a sexy bikini that showed off her killer figure. The swimsuit boasted a white-and-tan checkered pattern that complemented her fair skin. The piece had a plunging neckline that offered a view of cleavage while its thin straps that stretched over her toned shoulders. The middle of the swimsuit was knotted, which helped draw even more attention to her bust.

Only a portion Audrey’s taut tummy was seen, and the lower half of her outfit was just as hot. The bottoms had thick sides that were worn over her hip and left her lean legs on display. She also sported a tan baseball cap that read “mama” on the front, and she rocked a pair of sunglasses with ombre rims. Audrey styled her red locks in a low ponytail while Jeremy went shirtless for the lakeside outing and showed off his chiseled upper half. The Little People Big World star sported a pair of jeans and kept his look simple.

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Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were spent on the lake????Teaching my friends to waterski and wakeboard no mater how many tries it took, anchoring near the shore and exploring beaches for lunch, the whiplash from all the wipeouts on the tubes, jumping off the rock cliffs, waking up early for the glass water, or staying out on the lake past dinner time just to say “hit it” one more time – even if it meant we couldn’t lift our cereal spoons the next morning because we were so sore???? ⁣ ⁣ As fun as it was, I know it wasn’t always the easiest thing on my parents. Packing lunches for everyone, getting the boat in and out of the garage, pulling water skiers on a crowded lake with lots of boats to dodge, and the stressful environment of a busy boat ramp at the end of the day and lots of husbands and wives that need to buy that shirt that says, “I’m sorry for the things I said while I was backing up the trailor.” ????⁣ ⁣ To me, the most fun things in life aren’t convenient, stress free, and safe. One summer my friend had to get stitches in her head from a bad wipeout on the wakeboard, the bottom of our boat hit a rock while driving through a shallow canal, the inner tubes flew out of the back of the boat while we were driving home, we forgot to put up the prop????, we tried to drive the boat on the trailer in an unexpected wind/lightening storm, we ran out of gas….⁣ But was it worth it? 100000% I want to create these kinds of memories with my own kids❤️The kind of family fun that embraces the stressful moments for the sake of the memories, allows us to enjoy God’s creation together, let’s us be physically active together, gives us opportunities to cheer each other on and challenge each other to try new things, invites us to be fully present with each other while confined to a small space, and ends up in their “thank you for…” prayers at night???????? Thanks mom and dad for growing a few grey hairs so we could have the time of our lives????

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Both of their kiddos wore life jackets for safety, and they each wore a hat to shield themselves from the sun. The second photo in the series captured Audrey in the same swimsuit. She was all smiles as she held one kid in each arm while the remaining few uploads included a mix of photos and videos.

In the caption of the image, she shared a lengthy caption and thanked her mom and dad for taking them on the fun-filled outing. More than 36,000 fans have double-tapped the post while 180 left comments.

“Boating always involves classic memories just as you described!! Thanks for sharing,” one follower commented.

“Yes to all of this! My best memories were spent on a lake with my family. So much went wrong but so much right as well,” a second Instagrammer chimed in.

“Your body is off the charts,” one more exclaimed.