Space Mountain Closed Indefinitely After Weekend Shutdown

Space Mountain has been closed for an unknown amount of time after an initial weekend closure of the popular major Disneyland attraction along with two other rides.

News that Space Mountain closed was a disappointment for weekend park-goers, but we’re also hard pressed to think of a ride that is more concerning when it comes to potential safety issues — previous riders know that Space Mountain is a thrilling trip through the dark on a coaster, totally enclosed under the “mountain” portion of the ride.

On Friday, Space Mountain closed along with the popular Matterhorn Bobsleds ride and Soarin’ Over California, though the Matterhorn reopened relatively quickly. The latter will remain closed as well, pending safety review.

Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown stressed that the Space Mountain closure and the two other ride suspensions were wholly voluntary, saying:

“We constantly strive to maintain a safe work environment for our cast members and contractors — and we are reviewing certain protocols.”

As of Friday, it was reported California OSHA officials cited the Mouse for a November incident during which a worker was injured seriously during maintenance to the rise.

The agency said on their website:

“During the investigation the division learned that Disneyland Resort had completed ‘Fall Protection Assessment Reports’ in August of 2006 and failed to adequately correct these known fall hazards that existed on the exterior of Space Mountain.”

California OSHA continues:

“Furthermore, Disneyland Resort failed to have approved anchorages or approved tie-backs for contract employees to attach to when performing scheduled exterior building maintenance.”

As of now, both Soarin’ Over California and Space Mountain remain closed, and it is unclear what needs to happen before park visitors at Disneyland will be permitted to experience the rides again. Disney has not provided any information about whether the rides require any further maintenance after weekend safety checks.