Antje Utgaard Poses On Her Knees In Revealing Plunge Swimsuit

Antje Utgaard wears a black hat.
David Crotty / Getty Images

Antje Utgaard hadn’t shared anything to her Instagram page since July 18, but she broke her brief silence on the platform today with an eye-catching, two-part photo series. In the first picture, she showcased her incredible figure in a revealing plunge swimsuit and posed on her knees.

In this snap, she was photographed striking the alluring pose outside on a green cushion. She sat up slightly and placed her right hand on her thigh and had her left hand in a fist by her shoulder. She gazed into the distance to her right with her lips parted in a flirty pout.

Her black swimsuit had a sexy low neckline that showed off her cleavage, and the ensemble also had a high leg cut that left her hips bare. Her waist was cinched by a piece of matching fabric, and she accessorized with a short charm necklace and dark bracelets.

Antje wore her hair slicked back into a low ponytail and her locks were mostly brushed behind her back with pieces of her hair visible by her neck.

In the second shot, she struck the Bambi pose and angled her back toward the camera. She looked over her shoulder with a smile and the thong-cut of the swimsuit left her booty bare.

In the backdrop was a stretch of beach with trees and lush vegetation. There were also a couple of chairs and a bright blue umbrella.

The geotag revealed that she was in Sayulita in Mexico.

The update has been available for 11 hours, and it’s received over 22,900 likes so far. Her admirers also packed the comments section with their rave reviews.

“Oh antje you look so amazing. I love that suit,” gushed a follower.

Others took note of her caption and shared their thoughts.

“Back…like the way you’re looking over your shoulder at the camera,” explained a second fan.

“With you, every angle is a winner,” declared a third devotee.

“Honey every angle of you is perfection,” wrote another social media user.

Opting for another eye-catching ensemble, Antje shared a flirty photo on July 1. She wore a cropped black t-shirt with a large graphic of AC/DC and paired it with white bikini bottoms. She accessorized with a dark brimmed hat that she touched with one hand and completed her look with a pair of snakeskin ankle boots. She sat on the floor next to a plush white couch and smiled widely.