Kate Beckinsale Shares Belated Birthday Photo With Kitty Clive, 'You Get The Card You Deserve'

Shawna Cory

Kate Beckinsale continued her habit of thrilling her 4.3 million Instagram followers with another update featuring her fluffy feline companion, but this time it was for an extra-special occasion.

Editor's note: As of this writing, the Instagram post appears to have been deleted.

The stunning actress turned 47 on Sunday, July 26, and has since posted several photos and videos documenting her celebrations, the most recent of which pictured Kate decked out in an elegant plastic crown surrounded by a bevy of gifts.

Kate appeared to have crouched next to a low table fashioned out of thick, dark wood, upon which her perpetually cranky-looking Persian was perched. Clive's mane of gray fur was recognizably woolly around his little scrunched face and protruding from his pigeon-toed paws. Errant white hairs stuck out of his pointed ears. His bright green eyes squinted at the camera.

Kate looked lovely and flawless in a low-cut black shirt. Her thick hair was parted in the center and cascaded over her shoulders and decolletage in loose curls. Golden honey highlights perfectly framed her high cheekbones and delicate features.

Kate had her left hand gently cupped around the front of Clive's hairy chest and gazed down at the creature with unwavering adoration.

On the table next to the kitty was what seemed to be a belated birthday gift that had arrived in the mail.

A plain brown cardboard box made sturdier with packing tape sat open, the colorful contents spilling out of the top. The labels on some of the small bags were indistinguishable, but all appeared to contain various yummy snacks.

Placed in front of the box sat a very thoughtful card that apparently accompanied the package. The greeting suggested that one of Kate's friends had asked sweet Clive to illustrate the cover.

Kate's post received almost 50,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded, and her devoted followers filled the comments section with well wishes and silly messages. Many left series of affectionate emoji to express their adoration for the comedic beauty.

"HAHAHAHA That Clive he's so darn comical he's just like that pretty woman that's always petting him, SILLY and BEAUTIFUL," gushed one fan, adding a multitude of emoji, including crying/laughing, heart, and cat symbols.

"I mean that's how cats see people. lol," joked a second user, referring to Kate's inappropriate birthday card.

"Settle a bet: my wife says you're a vampire. I say you have an odd painting in your attic," mused a third person, commenting upon Kate's gorgeous and seemingly ageless appearance.