Heidi Klum And Sofia Vergara Sizzle On The New Set Of 'America's Got Talent'

Shawna Cory

Supermodel and beloved television host Heidi Klum piqued her 7.5 million Instagram fans' interest on Tuesday afternoon with an exciting photo from the set of America's Got Talent. The model has been serving as a judge for Season 15, which recently restarted production in Simi Valley, California.

Heidi and Sofia Vergara, who is AGT's newest judge, looked glamorous as they posed in director's chairs in front of a giant neon sign displaying the title of the show. Heidi expressed how pleased she was to be filming again, particularly with her companion in the photo.

She wore a white strapless, mid-length dress that hugged her curves and flattered her fair complexion. It appeared to have satin detailing around the top. Her smooth décolletage was bare with the exception of a slim gold choker and a pendant with a dark unidentifiable stone around her long, slender neck. She finished off the ensemble with pointed white stilettos and a delicate anklet.

Heidi's long straight hair was parted in the center and slipped over both slender shoulders. Long bangs framed her gorgeous eyes and stunning features. She gave the camera a wide, natural smile.

Sofia rocked a brightly-colored strapless pantsuit that showed off her killer figure and gregarious personality. The garment clung to her sultry hourglass shape before flaring at the legs. It featured daffodil-colored vertical stripes of varying widths, outlined with black, on a white background. The vibrant shade accentuated her lovely olive skin.

She accessorized with small hoops dangling from her ears and stylish platform heels with a peekaboo toe. Her wavy chestnut mane cascaded past both shoulders, golden highlights glimmering in the vivid set lights.

Textured asphalt stretched out to a faux city corner with a row of tall apartment buildings and a large decorative tree in the background. Vivid lights defined the structures.

According to a recent article by Deadline, a special film stage was created to facilitate health regulations that continue to remain in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The newest episodes of AGT have been filmed on an expansive "outdoor movie stage" which allows contestants, cast, and crew to maintain proper social distancing during production.