Charly Jordan Flaunts Her Stunning Figure In A Tiny Bikini Top & Two-Tone Jeans

Model Charly Jordan took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to share a series of photos from a shoot she was doing. The blond beauty teased in her caption that this one had a "duality" theme, and fans went wild over these photos.

The ensemble that Charly wore for these new photos included a green bikini top from Revolve and the "True Love/Checkmate" Revice jeans. The form-fitting denim pants were half-white and half-gray, and she had them unbuttoned at the waist.

Charly was photographed inside a studio and she shared a total of eight snapshots from the session. She started out sitting on top of a wooden block, using it as a stool as she faced the camera.

Her blond tresses were tumbling over one shoulder in loose waves and she gazed toward the photographer with her lips parted slightly and a fairly serious expression on her face.

The model wore a couple of necklaces and some bling on her wrist, and a tattoo was visible on her other wrist. To begin, Charly had her legs spread open and she grasped the unbuttoned waistband in each hand to tug it apart slightly. She showed a bit of cleavage and flaunted her chiseled abs.

"Love this look," one of her fans commented.

The photographs featured Charly altering her pose a bit from snap to snap. She smiled in some of the snaps and maintained a serious expression in others, incorporating a sultry gaze at times and adding in some hair tousles for good measure.

"Drop dead gorgeous," a fan determined.

"Wow in love with these," another person praised.

It did not take long for Charly's 3.3 million followers to step up and embrace these latest uploads. The series had more than 140,000 likes after three hours of being live on the model's Instagram page. About 500 comments poured in as well, as people showed their appreciation for this sultry vibe.

"Great pics Charly!!! Keep em coming," someone else wrote.

Charly has been working quite steadily in recent weeks. She's released a song and launched a new business, and she's clearly keeping busy with more traditional modeling gigs too. At the same time, she's made sure to leave room in her busy schedule for casual fun, as she demonstrated with some recent poolside bikini snaps.

Fans appear to be anxious to step up and support Charly in all of her adventures. Everything she shares seems to generate a massive response and that was clearly the case with these new uploads as well.