Ana Cheri Looks Sweet, Seductive In Silky Matching Bra And Thong Set

selfie of Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Instagram model Ana Cheri showed a stand of solidarity in her most recent post on Tuesday afternoon, in which she shared a gorgeous black-and-white image with the hashtags women empowering women and challenge accepted.

As verified by CNN, the recent social media trend involves women posting a monochrome photo of themselves in which they feel confident and beautiful, and then nominating others to follow suit.

In addition to the phrase “challenge accepted” — which has been used over 4 million times on Instagram in a variety of situations — participants are frequently tagging their images with expressions of female strength, empowerment, and unity.

In her challenge photo, Ana looked stunning in a vibrantly-lit outdoor setting surrounded by pale, delicate blossoms.

She wore a sheer, two-piece lingerie set that flattered her incredible figure and left little to the imagination.

The underwire bra featured almost translucent cups with a dotted Swiss pattern and lacy detailing around the top. The garment pushed Ana’s voluptuous breasts together, creating impressive cleavage and perfectly rounded peaks above the flimsy fabric.

The rest of the bra was designed with a narrow, vertical stripe woven into the material. One strap slid seductively off her slender shoulder and rested around her upper arm.

The bottom of the ensemble was made of the same ribbed fabric as the bra and featured tiny metal detailing. A small triangle covered her bits, and two thin straps rested high over her shapely hips, emphasizing her hourglass shape.

She took one palm to her cheek and rested the other hand across her left breast, fingers outstretched. The light reflected an enormous diamond solitaire on her left ring finger.

Ana’s dark hair was parted in the center and framed her face with loose waves.

Her skin looked smooth and flawless. She gave the camera a sultry gaze and let her plump, shiny lips part slightly.

Ana’s 12.5 million followers were eager to show their support for the lovely model and her positive message. The post had over 85,000 likes in the first few hours after it was posted, and 670 fans had flooded the comments section with their expressions of adoration.

“Best one I’ve seen so far!” praised one fan, referring to the portrait challenge.

“[V]ery gorgeous and beautiful and great body,” gushed a second fan, who added a series of flame emoji to their comment.

“You look nice but probably more on the naughty side,” observed a third person, following their declaration with a devil emoji.

“I love you in black and white! Beautiful,” complimented a fourth follower.