Suzy Cortez Flaunts Insane Physique In A Revealing Monokini

selfie of Suzy Cortez
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Fitness model Suzy Cortez got pulses racing in her most recent post on Tuesday afternoon, much to the delight of her 2.3 million Instagram followers. So far, the sizzling photo has racked up 14,500 likes in the first hour after it went live on the social media platform.

Suzy showed off her incredible figure in a skimpy black bathing suit. Small pieces of thin fabric stretched taut across her bits, leaving her muscular abs and chiseled shoulders on full display. The straps at the top wrapped closely around the back of her neck and held two long ruched sections of material that resembled inverted teardrops against the rounded curves of her breasts.

Faint tan lines were visible around the edges of her ample bust as the paler skin of her curves contrasted with her golden complexion.

The top of the garment was attached to the tiny bottoms on either side of Suzy’s well-defined six-pack. They dipped far below her navel in the front and rested high over her shapely hips, accentuating her slender waist and voluptuous thighs. Lines of muscular definition were clearly showing across the surface of her taut belly.

She stood facing the camera head-on with her left leg slightly stacked in front of the right. She had both hands on her hips with arms bent out to either side, her shoulders thrown back and all her muscles flexed. Natural diffused light from her right illuminated the sculpted lines of her décolletage, pectorals, and biceps. A bird tattoo appeared to be visible on the inside of her arm.

Suzy’s sun-kissed skin looked smooth and flawless in the image. Particular attention was focused upon her ripped thighs, which were perfectly highlighted by both the environmental light and by the placement of the camera, which was placed just above knee-level and angled up toward the model’s stunning face.

She gazed down at the viewer with enormous sea-green doe eyes framed by thick, long lashes. Her full lips were seductively parted. Long chestnut tresses framed her striking features and cascaded in tousled waves over her right shoulder all the way past her waist, grazing the top of her hand.

It appeared that Suzy posed on the balcony of a high-rise building enclosed by a square metal railing. A smattering of green foliage combined with neutral-colored buildings comprised the distant cityscape below. A line of white skyscrapers met a pale, cloudless sky on the horizon.