B5media To Launch New Celebrity Site Wednesday, Bathed In Fired Blogger Blood

Duncan Riley

The mass sackings at blog network b5media today have been revealed to be part of a launch process for a new single b5media celebrity site.

The new site, Crushable.com is due to launch Wednesday and is headed by a formerly little known Media Bistro blogger by the name of Amanda Ernst.

Details on the new site are thin, and the once highly open new media company has continued to keep silent on the new site, and mass blogger firings.

Reaction across the blogosphere to the b5media blogger massacre has been entirely negative, with former bloggers (both now former and previously former) in particular putting the boot in.

Wendy Boswell somes up the overall reaction well on Twitter, writing "Shame on you @andreanyc for using b5media firings as part of your launch strategy."

Highlighting the (what some would suggest is disgusting*) manner in which the process was handled, Arieanna Schweber, one of b5media's first writers and a key member of the team wasn't given warning either, writing on Twitter: "To all who are wondering, this news from b5 today was a shock to me too. No communication was sent to me. I don't know yet how I'm affected."

Companies including Splashpress Media have today reached out with opportunities for the fired bloggers.

*Note, I'm still technically under an agreement with b5media so can't offer personal opinion here ;-)