Eva Longoria Flaunts Fit Physique In Post-Exercise Photo: ‘Recovery After Workout!’

Actress Eva Longoria appears to be taking care of herself during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to share a snapshot that saw her flaunting her fit physique while relaxing after a workout.

Eva looked like she could not have been in a better place to cool down after exercising. She was lying on her back on what appeared to be a marble bench next to a large window that overlooked a body of turquoise water. In the distance, large mountains were visible across the water, with clouds dotting the serene blue sky.

The 45-year-old Desperate Housewives star wore a pink workout bra with a matching pair of leggings with a high waist. She also sported white ankle socks with a pair grey trainers with neon pink trim.

The snapshot captured Eva from a side view as she stretched out on her back with her arms over her head and her knees bent. The posed showed off the side of her shapely back and her bustline. A white towel was folded underneath her shoulder blades. Her back was arched, and the bottom of her bra was lifted up just a bit, showing off showing off her insanely small waist. The form-fitting leggings showcased the sexy curve of her hip and her toned legs. She gazed ahead with a focused look on her face.


The update was a hit, garnering more than 23,000 likes and over 130 comments within an hour of it being shared to her account.

In the caption, she mentioned that she was taking a few minutes to unwind after working out, along with a flexed arm emoji.

Dozens of her fans flocked to the comments section to give the post some love.

“Absolutely beautiful hot and sexy,” wrote one admirer.

“You look beautiful. I love you so much and you’re my favorite. Sending you love and hugs,” a second Instagram user gushed.

“You look amazing after a work out, I look like I’ve been swimming and dragged through a hedge backwards,” joked a third fan.

“You’re such an inspiration,” a fourth comment read.

Eva works hard to keep her body in shape. Since giving birth in June 2018, she seems to have made her health and fitness a priority.

The actress often shares photos and videos to Instagram that show her working out. But she isn’t all about exercise. Not too long ago she shared a snap that saw her rocking a skimpy black bikini. The candid snap was a selfie she took while enjoying some time outside.