Hilde Osland Wears Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes & Teases Bare Chest Under Sexy Crop Top

Hilde Osland snaps a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

It might be winter in Australia, but Hilde Osland knows how to turn up the heat on her Instagram page. The blond beauty took to the photo-sharing app on Tuesday with an update that saw her looking incredibly hot in a pair of unbuttoned Daisy Dukes and a sexy crop top that teased her bare chest.

Hilde’s post consisted of two snapshots that featured her from a side view. The geotag indicated that she was in Perth, Australia, for the photo shoot.

It appeared to be a somewhat cloudy day, but that did not appear to dampen Hilde’s spirits. She looked happy and relaxed as she sat near a patch of tall grass while enjoying the view.

The popular influencer sported a pair of denim Daisy Dukes, which she wore unbuttoned. The ends were frayed and rolled up, showing off her shapely thighs. Her top was a long-sleeved, white knit number that featured one string in the front, which was tied into a bow. The sides of the top were slightly open, teasing her bare chest. It cut off at her ribs, showing off her flat abs.

Hilde opted for gold accessories that included three chunky gold chain link necklaces. She also sported three pairs of hoop earrings.

In the first photo, Hilde smiled at the camera while leaning back on one hand. The pose gave her fans a peek at cleavage. It also showed off her slender midsection.

Hilde was looking at the ocean in the second picture. She ran one hand through her thick hair. The image revealed more of her legs while also showing off her trim tummy.

The third snap was similar to the first. The photo captured her leaning back and captured more of her toned thighs.

Hilde faced the camera in the fourth picture. She gazed at the ocean with a serious look on her face. She ran one hand through her hair while she sat with one leg crossed in front of her.

The last snap was a close-up shot of her pretty face as well as her voluptuous chest. She touched her hair while she smiled at the lens.

In the post’s caption, she joked about her unbuttoned shorts.

Dozens of fans took to the comments to gush over how titillating Hilde looked.

“Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!!” one Instagram user wrote.

“One of the best looking women I’ve seen,” a second follower commented.

“Always just naturally gorgeous and extremely sexy,” echoed a third fan.

Hilde recently flaunted her figure with an Instagram post that featured her wearing a skimpy bikini, which her fans also loved.