Vicky Aisha Flashes Tremendous Cleavage In A Sexy Snakeskin-Print Dress, Reveals Her ‘Favorite Song’

Vicky Aisha clicks a selfie.
Vicky Aisha / Instagram

Buxom bombshell Vicky Aisha treated her Instagram followers to an eyeful of cleavage in yesterday’s update, sharing a sultry photo of herself in an ultra-revealing snakeskin-print dress. The eye-popping number had a scooped neckline that sat low on her chest, leaving a generous amount of décolletage on display. Fans could even argue that the sexy look was a braless one, as the model didn’t seem to be wearing any support under the bust-flaunting frock. The sizzling blonde further emphasized her bodacious curves by posing with her arm across her midriff, drawing all of the attention to her ample bosom.

The half-body shot portrayed Vicky sitting on a bed covered in plush, beige sheets. She appeared to be leaning forward toward the camera, nearly popping out of the scandalous outfit. Although the seated pose didn’t offer a detailed look at her attire, followers could still see the provocatively high slit that reached up to her hip, exposing her thigh. The dress was complete with long fitted sleeves that only showed part of her hand tattoo while teasing a glimpse of the ink on her shoulder. The garment was a vibrant, orange-and-black palette that complemented her fair skin and golden tresses, making her beautiful features stand out even more.

The Aussie beauty appeared to have been photographed in low light, with the flash serving to illuminate her bust and face. She fixed the lens with a seductive gaze and flashed a beaming smile, showing off her pearly white teeth.

The photo also gave fans a peek into a stylish bedroom, one decorated in subtle earth tones that beautifully harmonized with the vivid shades on her dress. The most striking element of décor was a statement wall in a contrasting dark color, behind the head of the bed. A dream-catcher silhouette gave a whimsical vibe to the interior and was projected on the wall behind Vicky, in between a framed picture and a palm leaf.

The 28-year-old took this opportunity to ask fans about their all-time favorite songs, revealing her preference for Tool’s “Lateralus.” As always, followers flocked to the comments to offer up their replies, working plenty of compliments for the Australian hottie into their answers.

“Amazing… My fave as a teenager was Eulogy by Tool. Good taste!” wrote one person.

“Not only are you a smoke show but you have awesome taste in music!” gushed another Instagrammer, adding a “#spiraloutkeepgoing” hashtag and a heavy-metal emoji.

“My favorite song is Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’,” commented a third follower. “Looking gorgeous BTW.”

“Mine would be ‘In your eyes’ by Peter Gabriel, because of your gorgeous blue eyes!!” penned a fourth devotee, leaving a string of heart emoji.

The steamy upload was very well-received by her admirers, racking up more than 31,800 likes and 630 comments overnight. As The Inquisitr reported, Vicky recently rocked another snakeskin-print look in a raunchy post shared over the weekend, which saw her flaunting her curvaceous posterior in a thong bikini. That photo has been liked over 36,700 times since it was shared.