Instagram Model Paige Spiranac Shows Off Her Curvy Booty In Tight Dress On The Golf Course

Instagram model Paige Spiranac gave fans a view of her athletic figure while on a golf course for her latest upload. In the snap, she rocked a tight-fitting dress that hugged her body as she sported a smoldering look.

The 27-year-old wore the same outfit in a previous post where she doled out “punch shot” tips, but in this photo she showcased it from a different angle. She looked stunning in the ensemble from the bohemian women’s fashion brand Free People.

Spiranac — who is known as the “OG Insta Golf Girl” — was shot from the thighs up near greenery on the edge of a course. She stood in front of shrubs and trees, while a flat green was visible in the distance. The model was photographed from the side and turned her frame to showcase her booty. Her long blond hair was secured in the back and styled in waves with strands of bangs hanging in front of her beautiful face. The golfer’s head was turned toward the lens as she gave it a come-hither glance.

The San Diego State University product had on a burgundy dress with open shoulders that enveloped her ample assets and fit booty. Spiranac stood with her right leg forward, further accentuating her curves. She held her right arm by her side and had a club in that hand. Followers were treated to a glimpse of her toned legs and jaw-dropping figure.

In the photo, Spiranac tagged Mizuno Golf North America and the women’s brand where she got the attire from. For the caption, she joked about having to edit it because a previous joke went over everyone’s heads.

Spiranac uploaded the snap Monday night for her 2.8 million Instagram followers to see. Many of them flocked to the upload, and nearly 115,000 showed their support by tapping the “like” button in just over six hours after it went live. She had over 1,800 comments in short order as her replies were littered with heart-eye emoji. Users showered her with compliments, and many responded to the caption.

“Wear what ever you like a plastic bag, a onesie, a bikini doesn’t matter,” one admirer wrote.

“You look amazing as always…love your podcasts…so hilarious,” another user added.

“If you can get out and play….then play!!!” a supportive fan replied.

“You look like you’re certainly dressed from the club,” a follower added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier this month Spiranac flaunted serious cleavage in a low-cut white shirt in a post that garnered more than 198,000 likes.