‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 130 Spoilers: Eren Draws First Blood Against World’s Strongest Military Forces

Attack on Titan features battle between Attack Titan and Armored Titan.
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The latest chapter of Attack on Titan manga, which is titled “Dawn for Humanity,” featured the epic battle between Eren Yeager and his countless Colossal Titans and the world’s strongest military forces. Upon obtaining the power of the Founding Titan, Eren awakened the Titans that have been sleeping inside the walls of Paradis Island and proceeded with his plan to destroy Marley and the other nations. Seeing how serious the threat is, all the nations united and sent their greatest military forces to defend Marley.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 130, numerous fleets of ships were shown surrounding the coast of Marley, while large cannons were installed at the port. Some countries may not be on good terms and share different beliefs, but they were aware that if they don’t do anything to stop the Rumbling, they will all suffer the same fate. When their targets entered their shooting range, they immediately fired the cannons and launched numerous missiles toward Eren and the Colossal Titans.

Attack on Titan featured Eren versus Armored Titan.
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The Global Allied Fleet managed to damage and take down some of the Colossal Titans, but their barrage of attacks was clearly not enough to kill them all. Eren and his giant army annihilated everything standing in their way, and it only took a few seconds for them to destroy all the ships. After realizing that they don’t stand a chance against the huge monsters in front of them, several soldiers who were manning the cannons at the port started to run away from the battlefield.

Attack on Titan Chapter 130 featured Eren and the Colossal Titans finally setting foot at Marley. Eren pushed through with his plan to “flatten the Earth” and stomped everything in their way. While they were running for their lives, some soldiers noticed a larger beast in the middle of the Colossal Titans. It turned out to be Eren, who is currently in his Attack Titan form. Compared to his past transformations, his Attack Titan form was very different. Though his face still looked the same, his body was just composed of bones attached to a dome-shaped skeleton.

As they landed in Marley, Eren suddenly remembered the time that his mother, Carla Yeager, was devoured by a Titan. Since that day, he vowed to have his revenge and kill “every last one of those animals that are in this world.” However, unlike when he was still young, he now refers to those animals as the people who hate the Eldians and want to erase their existence.