Sadie Robertson Shares Underwater Bikini Photo & Jokes That 'Modest Is Hottest'

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, went snorkeling during a tropical getaway, and they posed for an incredible underwater picture while observing some of the ocean wildlife. Robertson took to Instagram on Monday, July 27, to share the snapshot, which hilariously showed her getting photo-bombed by a fish.

Robertson was dressed in a cute bikini that included a bralette top with a sporty silhouette. The garment featured wide shoulder straps and a rounded scoop neck. Her bottoms appeared to have a classic bikini brief cut, but they were mostly out of frame. The bathing suit boasted a yellow base color and a pattern of vertical stripes that were purple, white, and pink.

The 23-year-old author and podcast host also wore a snorkel with a yellow tube. Her hair was slicked back in either a tight ponytail or bun. Her husband was swimming beside her. Huff was clad in a pair of blue tie-dye swim trunks, and his breathing apparatus had a black pipe.

Robertson posed with her arms outstretched over her head so that her fingertips reached the water's surface. She faced the camera, while Huff appeared to be looking at her with one arm upraised in front of his face. The couple was surrounded by somewhat murky water, but the sea made the backdrop of their photo a pretty turquoise color. A few blurry plants could be seen behind them, and a black-and-white striped reef fish was swimming right in front of Robertson's bare stomach.

In her post's caption, Robertson joked that the sea creature's placement in the picture was God's way of reminding her that "Modest Is Hottest." Her upload rapidly racked up over 150,000 likes in the span of two hours. Many of her fans also took to the comments section to applaud her for coming up with such a humorous way to describe her picture.

"This made me giggle," wrote one fan.

"Hahaha! Gotta hide that belly button," read another message.

"And the fishy matches your swimsuit," observed a third commenter.

"This is literally a once in a lifetime photo HahaHahahaha amazing caption," wrote a fourth admirer.

Robertson's snapshot was likely taken during her recent trip to the Bahamas with her husband and his family.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Robertson shared a set of photos from their vacation on Instagram earlier this month, and she was wearing the same bathing suit in a few of them. In one of the images, she was shown meeting one of the famous swimming pigs that make their home on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay.