WWE News: Triple H Reveals The Future Of NXT UK

As quoted by WrestleNomics, Triple H opened up about the future of NXT UK during WWE's annual shareholder's meeting. According to the Hall of Famer, there are plans to bring back the British iteration of the black-and-gold brand as soon as possible.

Triple H revealed that the London Performance Center has been closed since March due to the coronavirus, so the company hasn't been able to tape fresh content. However, he added that they're constantly working with local officials to find out when the talent and employees can return to work. Everyone involved is looking forward to that day arriving as well.

"I know [the talent is] all anxious to do it, and hopefully, that'll be in the near future. We're also working with our partners there on solutions and ways that we can get back to creating fresh in-ring content as soon as possible for the NXT UK brand. Again, all of that relies on us being able to do that safely — as the safety and health of our talent come first and foremost. But as soon as that is something that we can safely do, we will be back up and running."
Earlier this year, The Inquisitr documented how the future of the British offshoot was reportedly uncertain. Its possible shutting down became even more plausible when several wrestlers were accused of abuse and misconduct in the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement.

As documented by Sportskeeda, Ligero, Travis Banks and Jack Gallagher have all been released, while several investigations are still ongoing. When NXT UK returns, it could find itself with a depleted roster. This would mean more stars would be needed to be developed, an endeavor that takes time.

Triple H cuts a promo

Earlier this year, Triple H also revealed that he was looking into a television deal for NXT UK. The end goal is to make the product available for fans worldwide in the near future. As of this writing, it's currently only available on the company's streaming service.

During the conference call, Triple H went on to discuss the role of the NXT brands in the current WWE system. He was asked if they were equal to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown or a developmental system. He claimed that it was a mixture of both, as it's a third official brand that also focuses on the creation of new stars.

He also said he's happy with the ratings of the weekly shows, even though NXT has consistently fallen behind AEW Dynamite in the Wednesday night ratings war.