Microsoft Smartwatch Possibly In Development

Is a Microsoft smartwatch in the works? That’s the newest rumor making its way across the web. If correct, the move would make sense as Apple, Google, LG, and Samsung are all rumored to be working on smartwatch prototypes of their own.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is talking to various suppliers about the delivery of smartwatch components. Those parts are needed to support touch input and other components for a possible piece of wearable technology.

Just because Microsoft is in talks for a new smartwatch product doesn’t mean it will ever see the light of day. The Microsoft Courier was a hugely touted tablet-based device that never saw the light of day amid tough competition from Apple’s iPad.

Even if Microsoft does move forward and launches a smartwatch, it could be facing an uphill battle. Creating an engaging and worthwhile interface that fits on a small wrist-worn gadget could prove to be a turn off for many buyers. Over the years, we have experienced many smartwatch type designs but only several devices such as the Pebble have been even relatively successful.

Microsoft has actually had some early success in the high-tech watch business. Back in 2003, the company developed Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), which it debuted at CES 2003. Eventually, some of the top watch manufacturers moved forward with SPOT tied to their devices. The technology was integrated by company’s that included Fossil, Suunto, and Tissot, among others. Microsoft had originally planned to create a SPOT watch of its own but instead fell back into its comfortable groove as a software manufacturer.

With the Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Surface tablets, and various other devices reaching market over the last decade, it would make sense that the tech giant may finally be more willing to build a Microsoft smartwatch of its own.

Are you prepared to purchase a Microsoft smartwatch?