Donald Trump's Campaign In 'Full Blown Panic,' Former White House Official Says

Donald Trump's campaign is in "full blown panic" over bad polling that includes the prospect of him losing in a large and traditionally deep-red state, former White House official turned Trump critic Anthony Scaramucci says.

The former administration member took to Twitter on Sunday to post what appeared to be a response to a series of tweets from the president specifically referencing Pennsylvania and Texas, saying that voters there should not go for Biden.

In his tweet, Trump referred to his opponent as a "puppet" for far-left figures in the Democratic Party, a line of attack he has adopted against the former vice president.

"There is NO WAY a place like Pennsylvania can vote for the Radical Left and their puppet, Joe Biden, when they are against fracking, steel production, and just about everything else that Pennsylvania stands for," he tweeted. "Likewise, Texas, and many other states!!!

Scaramucci saw that as fear on the part of Trump, who is at risk of losing both the critical battlegrounds of Pennsylvania as well as the Lonestar State, which had been solidly in the Republican column for several cycles.

"He is basically telling you he is super worried about PA and Texas," he wrote. "Campaign in full blown panic."

After being a vocal critic of Trump during his 2016 campaign, Scaramucci turned into an erstwhile backer and even served briefly in the White House before once again becoming critical of the president after leaving his role. He has regularly predicted that Biden will win in November and pointed to what he sees as Trump's prospects for reelection crumbling.

As The Inquisitr reported, he said earlier this week that a victory for Biden would be seen as an "end to Trumpism," saying he believes that the president could end up being humiliated in the election -- and hopes that he will.

As the former White House communications director hinted, polls have shown that Trump could have trouble in both Texas and Pennsylvania. The Inquisitr reported on Sunday that others see signs of potential trouble in Texas, with Texas Tribune Washington Bureau Chief Abby Livingston saying in an appearance on MSNBC that internal polling shows it could be a toss-up for the first time since Bill Clinton's presidency. If Trump were to lose there, it would likely signal a massive loss.

Other national polls have shown Trump trailing his Democratic opponent by 10 points or more, including losing in nearly every battleground state.