Bella Thorne Looks Radiant In A New Set Of Selfies Taken Shortly After Waking Up

Bella Thorne looked radiant in new selfies uploaded to her Instagram account on Sunday afternoon. The actress wished her 22.3 million followers a good morning and said she still had “sleep” in her eyes, but seemed ready to embrace the day by taking pics, which were interrupted by her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo.

It appeared Bella was topless in the photos as she made sure the camera never moved beyond her collar area, although she did showcase some cleavage for her admirers. The Assassination Nation star posed from her bed with white blankets wrapped around her and a ceiling fan visible in the background.

For the first snap, Bella brought her camera close to her face and peered into the lens with wide eyes and slightly pursed lips. She may have opted not to wear clothes for her photo shoot, but she did add some accessories in the form of several necklaces — one a string of pearls and the other a silver chain with a sizable heart pendant dangling from the center.

Her red locks were unkempt but still shiny and healthy as they cascaded down her sides.

The second photograph showed Ben in the background as he appeared to notice his girlfriend was taking selfies. Bella smiled brightly as if caught mid-chuckle and turned the camera toward her beau.

He officially joined her in the third pic, settling his chin in the crook of her shoulder and neck as Bella canted her head to the side to make room. They seemed cozy together and as if they’d both been spending some time in the sun, as their skin appeared pleasantly sun-kissed.

For the final upload, Bella looked adoringly up at her boyfriend as he leaned in for a kiss, keeping his eyes trained on the lens while she gazed at him.

Bella’s many fans quickly took to her comments section to rave about her beauty and how adorable the couple is together. Many people gushed that she looked terrific after supposedly just waking up. In less than a day, Bella’s latest post had garnered more than 602,000 likes and over 1,600 comments.

“How can you be beautiful even sleepy??? Good morniiiing,” asked one fan.

“Happy looks so good on you,” wrote another.

“Beauty sleep always seems to make you look natural, fresh and beautiful,” gushed a third admirer.

“I like how @bellathorne doesn’t cake her face up with make-up Let your natural face glow ladies!” said a fourth person.