YouTubers Kristin And Marcus Johns Share Positive Update Following Traumatic Accident

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In May, YouTuber Kristin Johns and her husband, Marcus, were involved in a horrific hit-and-run accident while on a bike ride. Several months later, they are doing much better and are stronger than ever. On Sunday, July 26, Kristin took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of her and Marcus, as well as to provide a positive update on how they are doing.

In the sweet photo, the adorable pair posed outside a brick home with blue shutters. Marcus wore a gray T-shirt with black shorts and a pair of brown lace up shoes. He held a walking cane in one hand which he used to balance his weight. He wrapped one arm around Kristin, who leaned up against him.

Kristen showed off a pink, slightly cropped top and high-waisted jeans. She finished off the look with a pair of all white sneakers and wore her long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, a few loose pieces framing her face. She clung onto her husband lovingly. Despite all they have been through, the couple exuded happiness as they both beamed at the camera.

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It’s very funny how people stare at Marcus & I when we go out in public. ???????????? To be fair we are a strange sight to see since we’re young yet hobbling around with a cane & a crutch (& the fact that Marcus’s cane looks straight out of Harry Potter doesn’t help LOL) ⚡️???? But I have to say, in general people have been very very kind & helpful to us. It’s honestly opened my eyes to see how much simply offering a helping hand means to those who are handicapped or injured. I can only speak for Marcus & I of course but it’s never offensive or unwelcome when people offer to help us load our groceries into the car, help us walk up steps, etc! ???????????? I am thankful this happened to us because it has opened our hearts to another level of compassion for people dealing with chronic pain or limitations. I of course thank God that we will have a complete recovery eventually but this has definitely been a life changing experience in a good way!

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In her uplifting caption, Kristin joked about how others react when they seem them out in public. The couple are not totally healed from their injuries and thus have to hobble around, Kristin with crutches.

Despite their physical struggles, Kristin expressed gratitude, particularly for the strangers that assist them with their groceries or getting around. She also noted that having this temporary struggle to walk has opened her eyes to the challenges physically disabled people face daily.

Kristin concluded her caption by stating that she is grateful that she and Marcus went through the traumatic experience of the accident and endured the suffering that would follow. This is because it has helped them become more compassionate and caring toward others, as well as make them aware of other people’s limitations. She expressed her faith in God that one day both she and her husband will be physically healed and able to get around without any assistance.

The post racked up over 50,000 likes in short time, with many people taking to the comments section to compliment Kristin on her inspiring outlook.

“You’re such an inspiration, thank you!” wrote one person.

“This is so lovely and I LOVE your positive perspective,” another person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kristin and Marcus were hit by a vehicle while riding a tandem bike in a residential area of California. The driver of the vehicle was not caught.