America In Danger: Nation Unprepared For An EMP Attack

Over the last few months, the United States has been assailed by a never ending barrage of bizarre insults and rambling threats of nuclear annihilation from North Korean strongman, Kim Jong Un. While some people find the insane rhetoric of the glorious leader amusing, most Americans remain sadly unaware that North Korea may have the ability to bring our republic to her knees.

Although North Korea’s nuclear program has not progressed far enough to launch an all out missile attack on the United States, Kim Jong Un’s military has the means and the will to kill millions of Americans with an electromagnetic pulse weapon. The Heritage Foundation described an EMP attack in detail in a 2010 white paper:

“EMP is triggered by the detonation of a nuclear weapon at a high altitude over the earth. As a result of this detonation, an electromagnetic field radiates down to the earth, creating electrical currents. These fields cause widespread damage to electrical systems — the lifeblood of a modern society like the U.S. In turn, the damaged electronic systems can cause a cascade of failures throughout the broader infrastructure, including banking systems, energy systems, transportation systems, food production and delivery systems, water systems, emergency services, and — perhaps most damaging — cyberspace. Effectively, the U.S. would be thrown back to the pre-industrial age following a widespread EMP attack.”

On April 9th, 2013, President Reagan’s former National Security adviser, Frank Gaffney, appeared as a guest on CNBC’s Kudlow Report. Gaffney expressed concern about the North Korean satellite that will pass over the United States later this week and discussed the possibility that North Korea may have already acquired a satellite mounted EMP device from Russia.

“Amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, the North Korean government told foreign governments to leave South Korean territory for their safety. Today, Kim Jong Un’s government may launch missiles in a provocative test. Gaffney points out that Obama’s actions and rhetoric toward American nuclear disarmament is dangerous, and has contributed to North Korea’s aggressiveness. In addition, what’s the possibility of North Korea’s use of Electromagnetic Pulse attack?”

According to Gaffney, and other prominent National Security experts, the danger is real and the effects of an EMP attack on our way of life would be devastating. Several government funded studies estimated that up to 200 million Americans will die from starvation and disease in the first year after an attack. The United States would resemble the South after Sherman’s march to the sea and the country we all know and love would simply cease to exist.

America’s allies are also highly concerned about electromagnetic pulse warfare. Recently, James Arbuthnot, the Chairman of the British House Of Commons Defence Committee, spoke with BBC Radio 4’s Today program about the alarming likelihood of an EMP attack :

“I personally believe that it’s quite likely to happen. It’s a comparatively easy way of using a small number of nuclear weapons to cause devastating damage. The consequences if it did happen would be so devastating that we really ought to start protecting against it now, and our vulnerabilities are huge.”

The danger to America is not just in the imagination of a few alarmists and disgruntled critics of the Obama Administration. Five bipartisan commissions and independent US government studies all came to the same conclusion: EMP is a deadly threat to the American people. At the present time, the country is basically defenseless against an electromagnetic pulse attack. We must act now to protect the nation against this terrible new weapon or we risk losing our precious gift of freedom forever.