Ted Cruz Slams Nancy Pelosi For ‘Shoveling Money To Her Friends’ In Coronavirus Stimulus

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz speaks during a hearing
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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday and took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her work on a new coronavirus relief proposal, which will allegedly be revealed in the Senate tomorrow. As reported by Breitbart, Cruz noted that the U.S. is currently facing two national crises: the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to spread around the country, and the economic catastrophe that has been left in its wake.

“Unfortunately, I just listened to your interview with Speaker Pelosi, her objectives are focused on neither of those,” he said.

“Her objectives are shoveling cash at the problem and shutting America down. And in particular, you look at the three trillion dollar bill she’s trying to push. It’s just shoveling money to her friends and not actually solving the problem. Our objective should be Americans want to get back to work. They want to be able to provide for their family.”

Pelosi recently claimed that the forthcoming coronavirus relief package Republicans are preparing to bring to the Senate floor doesn’t do enough to address the challenges America faces, particularly amid the pandemic.

But according to Cruz, Pelosi is failing to meet the moment. In particular, he pointed to the proposal from her and the Democratic Party that funnels an additional $600 per week to unemployment, which he claimed is more money than regular employment for the majority of Americans.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a hearing examining safety certification of jetliners attended by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chief Steve Dickson on June 17, 2020 in Washington, DC.
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According to Cruz, the small business owners in Texas he has spoken to are having a difficult time getting their waiters and waitresses to return to their jobs. Cruz suggested that this stems from the fact that they are getting paid by the federal government and proposed to pass instead a recovery package that would lift regulations and taxes hurting small businesses, suspend the payroll tax, and provide a pay raise to people who are working.

“That actually gets people back to work,” he said.

At the end of the discussion, Cruz turned his attention back to Pelosi and accused her of preventing working people from returning to their employment. He also claimed that her bill proposes tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires in Democrat-led states.

The upcoming Republican benefit package offers to extend unemployment insurance to 70 percent wage replacement. The legislation also allegedly provides more money for cash payments to Americans, reopening schools, and COVID-19 testing.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed hope that the two parties could reach a deal on a new relief package by the end of the week.