WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly Had Plans To Turn New Day Member Heel

New Day cut a promo while dressed up as Super Saiyans

WWE stalwart Big E is about to embark on a singles run while Kofi Kingston is out of action due to an injury. However, Ringside News has reported that there were backstage plans to turn the superstar heel last year.

The turn may not have resulted in Big E being completed separated from his cohorts in New Day, but the idea to have him go solo has reportedly been in the back of Vince McMahon’s mind for quite some time.

McMahon is supposedly very high on the Friday Night SmackDown performer, and he’s interested in seeing how he progresses on his own. The superstar has also been a heel in the past, and he’s proven that he can be effective in that type of role.

He found some success as a heel prior to joining his current faction. After being fast-tracked from NXT, he became Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard on Monday Night Raw and even won the Intercontinental Championship. However, most fans and pundits believe he’s come into his own more since those days.

WWE opted to keep New Day together in the end, with Big E continuing to be a babyface, but perhaps the former plans will be executed during his upcoming reign.

The company will reportedly give opportunities to more unexpected talents in the coming weeks in an effort to create new stars. The weekly show ratings have been plummeting lately, and the chairman is willing to give the mantel to underutilized and fresh wrestlers.

Big E gets ready to compete

Big E is a decorated superstar, but his success has been synonymous with tag team wrestling until now. Kingston was given a World Championship run last year, however, and Big E could be the next member of the group to receive those opportunities.

Big E has admitted that he never wants his stable to break up as he doesn’t believe that they’ll all be given a prominent spotlight afterward. According to the multi-time Tag Team Championship winner, they bring more meaning to the product as a unit.

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Mick Foley has shared his excitement over Big E’s possible push. The Hall of Famer believes he has what it takes to become a legend in the business, but he wants to see a more serious side to his character.

While Foley wasn’t calling for the star to turn bad per se, the latest report suggests that officials have been open to the idea of exploring an edgier side to Big E’s character in the past.