‘RHOBH’ Drama Causes The Stars’ Parents To Speak Out As Brandi Glanville’s Dad Proclaims, ‘She’s Not A Liar’

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The dads have spoken. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama between co-stars has gotten to the point where even their family members are commenting. Brandi Glanville’s dad created a video in support of his daughter that the actress posted to Instagram on Saturday. Guy Glanville’s video came after John Mellencamp and Irving “Irv” Richards recently commented. You can see the post here.

In the short clip, Guy sat in an armchair as he spoke directly about his middle child.

“My daughter may be many things, sometimes an a**hole, but she’s not a liar,” the elder Glanville said.

Many fans and followers have questioned Brandi’s credibility after claims the Drinking and Tweeting author made about having a romantic relationship with her co-star, Denise Richards. As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans on Twitter accused the podcast host of making up the story. Brandi went so far as to swear on her kids’ lives that she was being honest. Denise vehemently denies any sort of rendezvous happened.

Guy wasn’t the only father to comment on the show. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave recently shared a text exchange on Twitter between her and her dad, which you can view here.

“I know you are busy living in my shadow,” the Grammy winner began.

The “Jack and Diane” singer then included a picture of him and Teddi with the words “Dennis Richards – never heard of him” typed along the top and bottom of the photograph.

John was likely referring to Denise’s recent claim that Teddi lives the shadow of the successful singer-songwriter, and the typo probably was a dig at Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

Teddi then took a shot at her co-star in her response.

“You know who DENISE is dad. She is the girl who mentions Charlie Sheen every episode,” The ALL IN by Teddi creator responded.

Denise denied ever saying that Teddi lived in her father’s shadow and was taken aback by her co-star’s tweet.

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The former It’s Complicated star did not directly address the drama or name names.

After Teddi’s post, Denise’s father, Irv, shared his thoughts, writing supportive words for Denise on Instagram on Saturday in an update you can see here.

“We were tough on our daughters growing up so they would become strong, honest, independent women. After watching a few RHOBH episodes I think we did a damn good job,” Irv wrote.

He finished up with some words of encouragement for his eldest child.

“Stay strong, push forward, don’t live in fear. Life is short.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently airing Season 10.