Joy-Anna Duggar Gives Pregnancy Update Just 4 Weeks Before Her Due Date

Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting a baby girl in just a few short weeks and she couldn't be happier. Her heartbreaking miscarriage last year when she was 20 weeks along was devastating for her and husband Austin Forsyth. The Counting On stars have healed since then and are looking forward to this new little bundle of joy. The expectant mom shared a recent update on how things are going with this pregnancy on the couple's YouTube channel.

On Saturday, Joy-Anna shared her doctor's appointment with her fans. She filmed parts of her visit and gave an update on how things are coming along. It's understandable that the physician is keeping a close eye on the reality star's progress since her miscarriage. She is now 36 weeks along, and it looks like everything is going well this time around.

In the beginning of the 10-minute video, Joy-Anna was seen in her Arkansas home getting her son, Gideon, 2, ready to go by giving him a bath after he spilled oatmeal all over himself. She headed to her parents' house to drop the little guy off for her younger sister, Johannah Duggar, to watch while she went to her appointment. Austin met her at the big house and off they went together to make sure that their daughter is healthy.

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Joy-Anna mentioned beforehand that she was hoping this child would be a bit smaller than Gideon was when he was born. She later said that the doctor seemed to think that she wouldn't be quite as large as her older brother. Joy-Anna was happy about that. She and Austin were also excited to see their daughter in the ultrasound that was performed in the office. She showed just a little bit of her moving around inside her belly.

The couple were also happy to report that their baby is growing exactly as she should. There don't seem to be any complications this time around. You could see the excitement on Joy-Anna's face as she explained how well things were going.

For her prenatal appointment, Joy-Anna wore her usual skirt along with a lavender t-shirt. She threw on a baseball cap and had her long locks done up in a messy braid. She said in the video that she has been feeling really good this past week and that her sisters think she is currently in the nesting stage.

The last baby bump photo that Joy-Anna posted was during the Fourth of July holiday where she spent it with her BFF, Carlin Bates. The two women were seen posing together with Carlin cradling the TLC's star's bulging tummy.