Jennifer Lopez Shares Sweet Family Photo With Alex Rodriguez On The Beach, “Exactly Where We Need To Be”

Jennifer Lopez posted a tranquil photo on Instagram Saturday night, thrilling her 126 million devoted followers. She and her fiance, former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez, were pictured on the beach watching some of their children frolic in the waves ahead of them. Almost 110,000 fans liked the post in the first 10 minutes after it was uploaded.

Jennifer and Alex were photographed from behind as they sat close to one another on a sun-kissed golden beach. An idyllic turquoise sea stretched out far ahead of them, deepening in color as it approached the horizon. Busy footprints were scattered in the damp sand around them.

The low intensity and angle of the light indicated it was late in the afternoon.

Jennifer wore a casual cream-colored cable knit sweater and a colorful pair of leggings with a celestial design. She appeared to have a black throw draped over her lap to protect her from the cooling ocean breeze, as the edges of the fabric were visible tucked along the outsides of her thighs.

Her chestnut hair was pulled into a low, loose ponytail and hung halfway down her back, and she had a pair of sunglasses propped on top of her head.

Alex sat on her left, leaning forward with both knees bent toward his chest and his muscular arms encircling his legs. This posture emphasized the broadness of his back, particularly in comparison with Jennifer’s slender frame.

He wore a deep blue hoodie and a pair of black shorts. Both sat directly on the ground, seemingly nonchalant about the flecks of sand sticking to their clothing.

The couple watched as three of their four kids splashed in the waves in front of them. The distant activity of the children was perfectly framed between their shoulders, creating a strong composition.

The trio was captured in action at the foamy crest of a mellow wave as it rolled onto the beach. They seemed to have all been running gleefully toward the ocean as it approached them.

The taller of the girls — presumably one of Alex’s daughters, Ella — had one knee raised and her arm out to her side to keep her balance while she appeared to jump over the wave as it hit.

Jennifer’s twins, Emme and Max, followed close behind, just at the edge of the breaking water. Max held onto his sister’s arm, seemingly to keep from being knocked over. Elle looked to have had surer footing at that particular instant.