Six-Year-Old Borrows Family Car To Fetch Chinese Food

Lapeer, MI – A six-year-old boy borrowed the family car to fetch a Chinese takeaway before being stopped by other drivers and police on Saturday morning.

Police in Lapeer were contacted by drivers on M-24 after a car was spotted being driven “erratically” at around 7.30am. Sgt. Andy Engster of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department told The Detroit News:

“They told police when they called that it looked like a six-year-old was driving the car. And they were exactly right.”

By the time cops had arrived on the scene, the six-year-old boy had been boxed into a turnaround, said Engster. One of the drivers had grabbed the keys from the ignition, ensuring there’d be no further adventures for the boy (and no, that’s not him above).

It transpired the youngster had taken the keys from a counter at home. He told police that this was his first time driving, and that nobody had taught him how. As Engster later told The Detroit News:

“He said he’d never even sat on his dad’s lap to steer the car or anything.”

Better still was the young fellow’s reason for taking the car: He told cops he had intended to go for “Chinese food.” However, on his way to a Chinese breakfast, the boy hit a “no left turn” sign near his home. The car was damaged, so the young driver felt he should probably head to the dealer to get it repaired. Sensible lad.

Police called the boy’s father, who came to pick his son up. “He said he was asleep and he didn’t even know [his son] was gone,” said Engster.

An investigation into the incident is now underway. Happily, there were no injuries or significant damage caused.

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