Suzy Cortez Flaunts Her Curvaceous Booty Doing Dance Challenge Pushups On TikTok

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez got pulses racing with her most recent Instagram post on Friday evening. Her 2.3 million followers were quick to react to the short video. It had just shy of 15,000 views and almost 60 comments in the first 15 minutes after it was uploaded.

Suzy spent the duration of the clip in a plank pose, completing a rigorous performance that involved a series of modified push-ups. She shook her voluptuous booty to the song "Culo" by Reggaeton artist Jose De Las Heras. Appropriately, "culo" is an idiomatic term for the rear end in Spain and Brazil.

She appeared to have propped her phone against something on the floor to take the video selfie, as the camera was level with her outstretched body and angled slightly toward the ceiling.

Her shiny mane of rich brown hair was flipped over her shoulder to one side. It hung straight and smooth, almost touching the ground.

She wore a tiny bandeau top that covered the curve of her bust and left her taut abs exposed, and a pair of skimpy black shorts with a high waist. The already revealing garment was made more so with a pair of drawstrings that tightened the fabric on the sides, ruching the hem and pulling it further up her shapely thighs.

Her stunning face was seen only briefly. In the beginning of the clip, Suzy turned her head and gazed directly at the camera with her gorgeous eyes, but a split second later she began her routine and looked forward with intense concentration.

Suzy imbued the performance with a sexy strength. Her toned physique looked incredible, and her arched back and alluring movement of her hips drew attention to her insanely round derriere.

Suzy's incredible figure was only partially visible in the frame, but viewers got a full glimpse of her chiseled shoulders, ripped torso, and curvaceous behind. She moved through the motions of what appeared to be an exceptionally athletic version of one of TikTok's many popular dance challenges.

She marked the musical beat by lifting her right arm off the ground and touching her opposing shoulder with her fingers, then her right shoulder, and planted her palm back on the floor, finishing by lowering her entire body to the carpet and rising back up.

The incredibly fit model repeated that series of movements on the left side, and then switched to alternating between push-ups and jumping her feet wide apart on the ground, before returning to her original position.