Angela Simmons Shows Some Leg & Teases She’s ‘Right Where I Need To Be’

Angela Simmons seemed full of sass in the pair of snapshots she shared on her Instagram page Saturday evening. The Growing Up Hip Hop star has a tendency to include captions that sync with her pictures but also add a touch of whimsy or inspiration, and that was definitely the case here as well.

She was photographed squatting down on a path outdoors with a group of pine trees behind her. She crouched down in a clear spot among the wood chips of the path, a spot that appeared to have her right on top of a sewer cover. She signaled via her caption that she was right where she was supposed to be.

For this duo of snaps, Angela wore a white blouse that was open at the neck. She appeared to be wearing silver hoop earrings and a delicate necklace, and she had a gold clutch purse in one hand.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star had her wavy tresses pulled back away from her face, the brunette and blond locks tumbling over her shoulders and beautifully framing her face.

To go along with the white shirt, which she had knotted at her midriff, she wore a pair of form-fitting black shorts. Given how she was squatting, her fans did not get to see much of these. Despite that, they certainly worked well to help her showcase her curves and muscular thighs.

Angela finished off the look with a strappy pair of black high heels. She looked down and away from the camera in the first picture, but then she tilted her head and looked toward the photographer for the second one.

“U look beautiful BABY,” one of her fans noted.

Even on a Saturday evening, Angela’s post garnered plenty of attention. About 12,000 people liked this new set of uploads during the first two hours after they went live, and nearly 150 people commented, too.

“Looking beautiful as ever,” a fan wrote.

“YOUNG GODDESS,” a follower praised.

“Immaculate,” someone else said.

A number of Angela’s fans showed their love for this buzzworthy look by simply utilizing emoji in their comments. Plenty of hearts and fire emoji signaled a deep appreciation for the photos from the Growing Up Hip Hop star and it seemed that the unique setting and composition really caused a stir among Angela’s supporters.

Angela seemed to be embracing something of a tranquil vibe here, and that’s a feeling she showcased in another recent post. She often shares that she is juggling a lot of different things at once, so it looked like her followers were glad to see her still and content, at least for a brief moment.