Kelsey Grammer Says Daughter Spencer Was ‘Not Slashed’ During Incident Occurring At A New York Restaurant

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Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer was involved in a scary incident while near a New York restaurant on Friday evening. According to People Magazine, she and her friend Jan Phillip Mueller were “either eating there or just passing by” the eatery when they saw a drunken man with a knife become violent outside.

Earlier reports indicated that Spencer had been seriously injured in the altercation, but her father spoke with People to clarify that she had not been slashed by the assailant.

“There are elements of truth to the story but Spencer was not slashed; she is fine,” said the 65-year-old actor.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department also talked with the publication and clarified that the attacker did strike one “victim in the right lower back, causing a laceration. The complainant was removed to Bellevue Hospital. No arrests have been made.”

Additional reporting said at least two victims in their 30s sustained injuries and one of the law enforcement sources confirmed Spencer’s identity.

An early article from the New York Post shed more light on the incident itself, including the name of the restaurant — The Black Ant on Second Avenue.

The outlet indicated that Spencer and her friend “bravely confronted a blade-wielding drunk who then turned his weapon on them.”

It also reported that the former Greek actress had received a knife wound in her arm, although her father is denying that was the case. The initial story allegedly came from law enforcement on the scene.

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Everything kicked off at approximately 11:30 p.m. after a man tried to get a table at The Black Ant — which is allowing outdoor dining — but he was not allowed because it was almost closing time.

In an apparent drunken rage, the attacker reportedly tried to antagonize a random male diner who retaliated by swinging a chair at him.

Supposedly, Spencer and Jan tried to assist in breaking up the fight, despite not being involved in the altercation. That is when onlookers saw the assailant pull out a knife, and the story seems to have become somewhat muddled from there.

While Kelsey did explicitly say his daughter had not been slashed, it seems like she may have been at least mildly injured in some way.

“Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart,” a witness named David told the New York Post.

The same witness reportedly called 911 and also offered a brief description of the man, describing him as “buff, bald and wearing a white shirt, and who may have had a female companion.”