‘ShootMania Storm’ Review Roundup

ShootMania Storm was released on April 10 for PC. See what the critics had to say.

Just in case you missed it, ShootMania Storm is a shooter with an emphasis on customization.

ShootMania Storm emphasizes first off on the customize-able aspects, as this game will let you create your own map to play in. Perhaps the Tony Hawk skateboarding series could learn a thing or two from this title with its map editor. Of course the customization doesn’t stop there. You can also create items and guns. One player has even replicated Halo 2‘s Midship map, and Halo is known for its shooting game prowess.

However, when the actual gameplay comes in, there is an element of waiting that some less patient gamers won’t like. From the get-go, your gun is mounted on your wrist and needs to be charged before you yourself charge out and earn some hits.

ShootMania Storm is a twitch shooter at heart. No perks or killstreaks here, just good old fashioned “shoot and get shot” gameplay dominates the field here. There’s a finely-honed simplicity to ShootMania Storm‘s gameplay. You left-click to fire your gun, and hit space to jump. That’s all you really have to know to get started, and to old-school shooter fanatics that loved games like Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament, that’s the best part.

The title mode of Storm involves a pole that appears in the center of the map, and soon after, a hurricane effect closes the arena from the outside, forcing everyone to the center in a glorious storm of chaos.

You might be tempted to bunny hop your way around to avoid getting hit like you would in Halo, but it really works against you, as you’re at your most vulnerable when you’re drifting down for a landing. The controls are tight and perfect when you’re on the ground, so it’s in your best interest to stay there.

ShootMania Storm is a perfect shooter for those who just want something simple and customize-able.

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