Regis Philbin & Rachael Ray: A Look Back On Their Friendship

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Regis Philbin and Rachael Ray became close pals during his appearances on her daytime series, and together, they created some memorable television moments that fans will likely never forget. The legendary entertainer, who died suddenly at the age of 88, was always game to try new things during his visits to the set of the syndicated talker.

Rachael enjoyed testing Regis’ limits including his adeptness at cooking, his ability to tackle odd tasks, and of course, listening with fascination to his legendary show business stories.

In a Twitter post, Rachael described her affection for Regis and how much she loved him.

Fans quickly responded to her statement in the comments section of the post.

“I didn’t know him personally but I’m gonna miss him a lot,” said one fan in response to Rachael’s tweet.

“Prayers Sent. Hugs, we love you and will miss you, Regis,” stated a second Twitter user.

“We all have,” stated a third follower.

“Well said Rachael Ray,” commented a fourth fan.

Regis Philbin hosted ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
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The show’s official Twitter also shared their condolences regarding the loss of Rachael’s beloved and longtime pal with a series of heartfelt statements. They shared a tweet along with a series of four photos of Regis in action. The post detailed how heartbroken the cast and crew were to hear of his passing.

The tweet called him not only a dear friend of Rachael’s, but a dear friend to everyone involved in production.

They shared their deep condolences to his wife, Joy, and their family, and said there was no one like Regis, whom they called a true television legend.

In 2012, Regis was announced as a recurring co-host of Rachael’s syndicated program. He appeared once a month alongside the popular television chef and entertained audiences as he attempted to pitch a tent, play charades, and learn to cook, all to the audience’s delight.

At the time, Regis explained his friendship with Rachael to USA Today.

“I like her a lot,” he revealed. “I’ve done her show a number of times. She has followed me here in New York at 10. She has become a friend. (My wife) Joy and I have been to her home. She and her husband John [Cusimano] have been to ours. She’s a little dynamo. I would love to let her teach me that I could cook here at home and really surprise my wife.”

The celebrity chef and Food Network personality responded.

“It’ll be a blast having him on the team,” she said, at the time.