Anna Katharina Sizzles In String Bikini Top And Ripped 'Boyfriend Jeans'

Anna Katharina looked incredible in her most recent Instagram post on Friday afternoon. The blond model flaunted her stunning figure in a series of three images that racked up almost 2,000 likes in the first 10 minutes after it was uploaded.

Anna wore a snug pair of distressed jeans, and mentioned in the caption that finding that particular part of her attire was a "small win" for the year. She also tagged a clothing line she represents.

The medium-washed denim buttoned just below her navel, around the smallest part of her slim waist. They fit tightly, hugging her voluptuous thighs and rounded derriere.

The smooth skin of Anna's legs shined through multiple holes in the front, which were framed with soft cotton threads and appeared to be intentionally distressed.

On top, a tiny string bikini barely covered her ample assets. The thin black fabric stretched across the perfect roundness of her pert breasts, which spilled out from the sides of the garment. The triangle cups were pushed apart in the center, revealing her impressive cleavage.

The ensemble displayed Anna's toned abs and golden tan. Her skin glistened as if she had applied oil to her body, to increase the highlights upon her gorgeous physique.

What appeared to be diffused sunlight streaming through multiple windows beautifully defined her delicate bone structure. Her complexion appeared flawless. Long, dark lashes framed her huge brown eyes.

She accessorized with just a small pair of gold hoops in her ears, allowing her natural beauty and killer body be the focus of the images.

Her platinum tresses were styled straight and parted off-center.

In the first image, Anna swept her hair back from her face with both hands and let it spill past her shoulders and halfway down her back. She stood facing the camera with thighs apart and one leg raised, propping her knee on a piece of furniture out of frame.

She raised her chin and angled her lovely visage to one side, displaying a strong jawline and high cheekbones. She looked off-camera with a tranquil expression.

In the second image, Anna faced the camera head-on and visually engaged with the viewer. She cocked her head and gave the photographer a smoldering gaze. Both thumbs looped into the front pockets, fingers pointed casually in the direction of her nether region.

She faced the camera with her enviable behind in the last photo. She turned to look over one shoulder, flaunting some sideboob, and arched her back to accentuate her curvaceous booty.