Laci Kay Somers Struts In A Skimpy Swimsuit On Instagram

Laci Kay Somers‘ most recent Instagram post entranced her 10.9 million followers. In the video clip, which she posted on Friday, July 24, the model strutted her stuff in a teeny one-piece swimsuit.

Laci’s racy black outfit barely contained her assets. The top of the garment was held together by gold chain straps that circled around her shoulders. Her entire bust was almost exposed, and her chest threatened to spill out of the suit. The cups that partially covered her bust were cinched together by a safety pin.

The bathing suit also featured a keyhole cut-out at her midriff, which showcased her tanned and taut abdomen, as well as her sparkling belly button ring. The ensemble only got more narrow as it made its way down her body. It boasted a gold chain that hung around her waist. She paired the outfit with white strappy heels.

In the clip, Laci’s intense gaze never wavered. She swung her arms as she walked purposefully towards the camera, jutting out her hips. Her plump pout was slightly ajar, and at one point she puckered her lips, the corners of her mouth turning upwards into a slight smile at the end of the video. As she made her way closer and closer to the lens, Laci went from showing the entirety of her one-piece in the shot to doing a close-up from the waist-up, her face becoming the focal point of the footage.

Her ice blond-gray hair was parted in the middle and cascaded behind her back and down one shoulder in slight, mermaid-style waves.

Laci’s millions of followers flocked to the comments section of the post in droves, eager to shower the model with compliments and praise for her latest look.

Some loved her choice of swimwear.

“That suit is hot!!!” exclaimed one social media user.

Others delighted in her sun-kissed skin.

“Amazing, nice tan complexion,” shared a second person.

Others still were in awe of her beauty.

“@lacikaysomers darling you look fantastic,” wrote a third follower, punctuating their comment with a red heart, a smiley face blowing a kiss, and a heart-eye emoji.

“Gorgeous as hell,” declared a fourth fan, following up their message with multiple flame and heart-eye emoji.

One of Laci’s most recent Instagram uploads featured the model in a white bikini that accentuated her fit figure and hourglass physique. In the video, Laci sprayed sunscreen on herself while she lounged by the pool.