Alessandra Ambrosio Displays Her Stunning Physique In Sexy Action Shot On Instagram

Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio wowed her 10.2 million Instagram fans with a sizzling post on Friday evening. The action shot, which captured the fit model mid-jump behind a volleyball net, garnered more than 8,000 likes in the first 15 minutes after it went live.

Alessandra wore a sexy, sapphire-blue string bikini that displayed her impressive physique. The top of the strappy ensemble had soft cups that stretched against her ample bust. The center appeared to have a decorative cutout which left her cleavage bare. The keyhole was secured at the top with a small bow, the ends of which were embellished with tan and brown beads.

The matching bottom rested across her smooth, taut belly and knotted on either side of her shapely hips. The sets of ties had similar beading and appeared to defy gravity for an instant as she leaped into the air. The flying strings and the wild cascade of her hair frozen against the brilliant azure sky gave the impression of movement in the stunning photo.

Alessandra raised both extended arms high over her head. Neither hand was visible in the photo frame, but her pose suggested that she was jumping to hit a volleyball over the net in front of her. Her thighs squeezed together as she jumped.

The vertical lines of her lean, toned figure popped against the monochrome background.

She faced the sun, which drenched the front of her body in vibrant, golden light, and illuminated her slender frame. A distinct line of shadow trailed along her side, tracing every curve of her body from top to bottom.

The former Victoria's Secret spokesmodel maintained a relaxed, pretty face in spite of her physical exertion. Her eyes were obscured behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

Her gorgeous profile was perfectly framed between both arms. Her strong jaw was relaxed with her rosy lips parted into an easy half-smile, and her head was thrown back.

Alessandra's Instagram post received tons of adoring comments soon after it was uploaded. Many followers expressed their affection with various combinations of flame, heart, peach, and applause emoji. Some chose to put their feelings into words.

"That's one way [to] get their eyes off the ball Amen to that," quipped one fan.

"Can you teach me how to play volleyball?" implored a second person, adding a tongue-out emoji to emphasize their joke.

"YASSS!!! Block that ball, Ale!!!" encouraged a third follower.

"Incredible as always!!!" a fourth dedicated fan raved.