Abby Dowse Flashes Sizzling Derriere In Neon Green Lingerie Set

Abby DowseInstagram

Aussie fashion model, fitness guru and social media influencer Abby Dowse seemingly has an affinity for neon green, having sported several skimpy outfits in that color in updates on her Instagram feed. With her update on July 24, however, the 30-year-old posted what may have been the most scandalous photo of herself in neon green duds yet, as she appeared in a scanty lingerie set in that color.

In the caption that accompanied the sexy snapshot, the Sydney native opined that “the back is just as pretty as the front.” Comments on the post indicated that her followers — which now number more than 2 million on Instagram — were in agreement, with a sizable contingent praising the way her pert derriere and taut, yet shapely figure looked in the picture.

“@abbydowse, front & back, left & right, head to toe, you’re pretty all over,” wrote one commenter.

“Always had a cute derriere Abby,” said a second fan of Dowse’s form.

“Neon beauty,” stated another admirer.

“That color on you omg,” added a fourth fan.

The photo found Dowse posing with her back and round booty facing the camera and her head turned backward, allowing her to peer directly into its lens. As she did so, she played with her messy blond hair, which was parted down the middle on her right side.

Couch cushions and pillows were visible in the background of the shot, while her backside cushioning dominated the frame in the foreground. It was almost completely exposed to the camera’s eye, save for a small strip of lace fabric that divided her cheeky sides and a single garter that draped down over her hip and upper thigh.

Meanwhile, the full scope of Dowse’s left breast was evident in a stunning display of sideboob as her lacy bra struggled to conceal her ample bosom. Her left arm, shoulder and large portions of her back were also uncovered. The slightly-bronzed skin on her body stood in stark contrast to the beige background and the green garment that were also prominent parts of the shot’s composition.

Dowse’s latest serving of eye candy on social media sizzled to the tune of more than 5,000 likes in just 30 minutes after having appeared on her feed. Also, nearly 200 comments were posted over the same span.

As relayed by The Inquisitr on the very same day, Dowse also appeared in a sultry snapshot that saw her going braless in a tight white dress.