Camille Grammer Thinks Brandi Glanville And Kyle Richards Conversation Was ‘Rehearsed’

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 is really starting to heat up. Episode 11 was the one fans had been waiting for as Brandi Glanville dropped the bomb that she hooked up with Denise Richards. The shocking conversation went down at Kyle Richards’s house after her sister, Kim Richards, stopped by to drop off some things while happening to have Brandi with her. Teddi Mellencamp was also at Kyle’s house for the bombshell news, and some viewers felt the conversation seemed staged.

But it wasn’t just those watching that thought something felt off. Part-time RHOBH cast member Camille Grammer took to Twitter the day after the episode aired to ask fans what they thought about the chat among the four women.

“What did you all think of last nights episode of #RHOBH?? The scene at Kyles seemed like Brandi twisted the truth and rehearsed what she had said before her fake impromptu appearance at house. IMO Your thoughts?” she wrote.

There were over 1,200 comments on Camille’s tweet, many of which agreed with the reality star’s sentiments.

“Brandi’s account of what allegedly happened between her & Denise felt extremely rehearsed and like she was trying to paint it as assault/without consent. Very dark. Didn’t like it.” one user wrote back.

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“I agree. It was dark. Brandi plays victim but is the true predator,” Camille responded.

Rumors about the alleged affair between Brandi and Denise had been circulating for months, but it was the former’s telling of the story on RHOBH that had many surprised this week. While admitting to her hookup with Denise, Brandi claimed she was uncomfortable by their encounter, noting she couldn’t “get into it.” The Drinking & Tweeting author also said she didn’t like that there were children downstairs while they were up in a loft with no door.

Some believed Brandi was acting like she was preyed upon by Denise, but Camille feels it was the exact opposite.

“I found it odd she played victim at Kyle when a day prior she was slapping denises butt and asked to be in a throuple with them,” another user added, commenting on Brandi saying she wanted to be in a throuple with Denise and husband Aaron Phypers just last week.

Denise has not yet found out that the women on the cast have been informed of this hookup with Brandi. Publicly, the Wild Things actress has denied the accusations, but fans will have to wait until next week to see her response when it gets brought up onscreen. The big drama of the season is rumored to happen on the cast’s trip to Rome, Italy, which takes place very soon.