Lily Ermak Flaunts Insane Curves In Barely There Gold Lamé Bikini

Russian Instagram sensation Lily Ermak thrilled her 1.6 million followers on Friday afternoon. The blond bikini model posted a stunning pair of selfies that showed off all her impressive curves. About 4,500 devoted fans liked the images in the first 45 minutes after they were uploaded.

Lily stood facing a huge mirror in a clean white room and snapped her reflection with an iPhone. She wore a sexy bikini that barely covered her ample assets and popped against her golden tan. The suit featured three tiny triangular pieces of smooth, shimmering gold fabric held together by a series of translucent straps.

The top of the ensemble stretched taut across her chest, pushing her voluptuous breasts together to emphasize her killer cleavage. Her bust spilled out all sides of the cups, leaving little to the imagination.

A small strip of matching gold material rose up from between Lily's curvaceous thighs and was attached to clear, thin straps that rested high upon each of her hips. Light reflected off of the pieces, enhancing the visual intrigue.

In the first image, Lily faced the camera head-on and bent one knee, which offset her slight body weight and caused her hips to shift alluringly to one side. She raised her left arm high into the air and rested her forearm on the crown of her head, gently tousling her wavy tresses with her fingers. The stretch elongated her long, lean figure and emphasized her hourglass shape.

She was bathed in what appeared to be natural light that poured through a window on one side, which accentuated her toned abdominal muscles. A tattoo of two lines of script was visible on her upper rib cage.

Lily gazed at her phone intensely to maintain proper focus and composition. Her light eyes were beautifully defined by long-lashed and dark, perfectly sculpted brows. Her long, ombré hair was parted off-center and casually styled. It framed her lovely visage and cascaded past her slender shoulders and halfway down her arched back.

The second photo displayed Lily in a similar position, but she angled her right side to the mirror to show off her impressively flat belly and shapely hips, as well as the perfect line of her enviable derriere.

Her full, rosy lips were visible in this image as they curved into an easy, almost imperceptible smile.

She accessorized with what appeared to be a shiny diamond solitaire on her left ring finger.