July 24, 2020
WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Set To Push New Stars On Television

Citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WrestlingNews.co reported that Vince McMahon plans on pushing new superstars due to current circumstances in WWE.

According to Meltzer, the chairman feels that it's time to make new stars as WrestleMania is over and some top talents are missing because of COVID-19 and other reasons.

In recent months, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Brock Lesnar, Edge and others have taken a leave of absence for different reasons. However, it's unknown when they'll return to action, and this has forced company officials to turn to the underutilized performers who are currently available.

The report also highlighted how McMahon has seemingly been hesitant to push new stars lately, as evidenced by Big Show returning to Monday Night Raw to feud with Randy Orton.

Several performers who Paul Heyman tried to get over when he was the red brand's executive director have also seen their pushes taken away. The reported reason for this is because McMahon believes that they're too young.

However, some unexpected roster members have been receiving more of a spotlight since Heyman's departure. Apollo Crews is the United States Champion at the time of writing, even though he's been absent these past few weeks. The young superstar is expected to continue his feud with MVP for the title when he's back.

Drew McIntyre has also been booked as a dominant World Champion since he dominated Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. However, a recent rumor stated that he might lose his title to Orton at SummerSlam in August.

Vince McMahon wears a pink suit on WWE television

As noted by Cageside Seats, the chairman could also be set to push Shayna Baszler. It was previously believed that McMahon soured on the former two-time NXT Women's Champion, which is why she failed to beat Lynch at WrestleMania 36.

Baszler returned to television recently, however, and she's been booked very strong. This suggests that she's being given an opportunity to become a big player in the women's division on Monday Night Raw.

The company is often criticized by fans for failing to take chances on the majority of its talented roster. It's also been well documented how television ratings have been plummeting since the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to hold shows without fans.

Executives at FOX and the USA Network have supposedly been demanding changes be made in order to boost the viewership for the weekly programs. In order for fans to watch the shows, however, the promotion needs more stars who they'll tune in to see.