October 29, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Gear Is Coming To More Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is expanded to a new line of devices. Samsung on Tuesday announced that a software update will soon arrive and provide Galaxy Gear users access to Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphoens.

The update will be pushed out to customers "in the coming weeks" and will be dependent on the ability of individual mobile carriers to push out the software update. Unfortunately many mobile carriers are extremely slow at pushing out updates for client devices.

Samsung has also announced future plans for Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega smartphone access. Those two devices are expected to receive Galaxy Gear compatibility "in the coming months."

The Galaxy Gear was first announced at the IFA conference in September. The watch offers some impressive features including a 1.63-inch display, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. However, the watches capabilities are more limited than its technology. The smart watch provides notification messages, memos, and phone call access.

At the time of release the Galaxy Gear was only meant to work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

The new Galaxy Gear compatibility will come with a smartphone upgrade to Google Android 4.3 and other "additional features" including Samsung's "Easy Mode" and "Multi-Window" support. New camera options will also be added. Samsung says the update will also make smartphones ready for KNOX, Samsung's heavy duty enterprise security software.

News of the expanded Galaxy Gear compatibility arrives at the same time that rumors are suggesting Google will soon unveil its new smart watch offering.

Will you be picking up the $300 Samsung Galaxy Gear now that it will be compatible with a larger number of Samsung devices?