Blake Shelton Explains Why His Relationship With Gwen Stefani’s Kids Is ‘Scary’ Sometimes

Blake Shelton has become a father figure to Gwen Stefani’s sons, and he has to remind himself of this sometimes. During a Friday morning interview on The Today Show, the country singer opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend’s three children from her previous marriage to rocker Gavin Rossdale. He also talked about what he’s been doing to pass the time while he, Gwen, and the kids have been hunkered down in Oklahoma.

Due to the pandemic, Blake has spent a lot more time with Kingston, 14, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 6. The boys and their mother joined him on his secluded ranch months ago to self-isolate, and the country crooner has made it abundantly clear that he’s loved having them around. However, the new living arrangement has made the “Hell Right” hitmaker a bit more cautious about what comes out of his mouth. It’s also made him realize that he’s setting an example for the boys, and he admitted that this is a bit frightening.

“That’s a scary moment for me because it’s one thing for me to be with the kids all the time and be their buddy, but you do have to consider after awhile that they start to listen to things that you say and there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that,” Blake said.

Kingston Rossdale, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale, and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale attend STX Films World Premiere of "UglyDolls"

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Blake has also spoken about stepping into his fatherly role by helping with the boys’ homeschooling. He quipped that this was his “hell,” especially when he was asked questions about algebra, a subject he confessed to getting a failing grade in.

While the “God’s Country” singer might not be the best math teacher, he has revealed that he’s instilling a love of the great outdoors in his girlfriend’s sons. During his Today interview, he also talked about how he’s enjoyed getting to be outside so much while quarantining in the Sooner State. He revealed that he loved being able to pick blackberries while they were in season, and he’s been doing a lot of gardening. He also planted “several acres of sweet corn.”

Blake even shot a music video for his new single, “Happy Anywhere,” during his lengthy forced vacation. The tune features vocals from his rock-star girlfriend, and the video includes tons of footage of the couple enjoying each other’s company in Oklahoma. The song quickly rocketed to the top of the iTunes charts when it was released on Friday.

While Blake might worry about being a good role model for Gwen’s kids, she seems to think that he’s doing a pretty good job. On Father’s Day, she shared a sweet photo tribute to Blake on Instagram, and she thanked him for helping her “raise” her sons.