‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Spoilers: Jessica More Expresses Her Frustration With Hannah Ferrier

A photo of Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean.
Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

The working relationship between Hannah Ferrier and Jessica “Jess” More has become a bit complicated, according to an exclusive preview of next week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean that was obtained by Hollywood Life. In scenes for the July 27 episode, the two women discussed the third stewardess’s work, and Jess declared that her boss wasn’t always helpful.

“I love Hannah and I like working with her but there are some things that are making my job more difficult and making me look bad.”

The conversation began after the “Jess, Jess, Hannah,” radio call went out. Hannah explained that Captain Sandy Yawn was upset after overhearing a dialogue between the chief stewardess and the bosun, Malia White. The head of the exterior was under the impression that Jess did not understand that laundering crew uniforms were a priority. Hannah called Malia’s statement “very strange.”

A photo of Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean.
  Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Jess clarified her position and explained that she was not making regular crew clothing a priority. However, she did have washing uniforms high on her task list. Captain Sandy was not happy about what she overheard and advised Hannah to straighten Jess out. The conversation had the Below Deck Mediterranean newbie concerned.

“I’m going to get fired for a miscommunication?” the brunette yachtie asked.

The head of the interior advised her co-worker to give it her all this charter. Jess is currently working with an injury after she fractured her finger when she slammed it against a door. The brunette confirmed that she was giving it her all, but also revealed some disappointments.

“I’m giving 100 percent, but it is a little frustrating these confusions are like penalizing me,” the reality star proclaimed.

A flashback from the last charter was then shown. In the scenes, the department head blamed the third stewardess for not informing her that the guests were ready to eat after Captain Sandy came into the galley upset. The brunette shared her side of the situation in a confessional interview.

“I’m the third. I’m like a little b*tch. I’m not supposed to think of all these things. It’s not my job,” Jess declared.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently in its fifth season. As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans recently questioned production’s motives after several scenes aired that showed Hannah taking pills. The reality star was quick to explain that she was taking Advil for her tired feet. She went on to call yachting a “young person’s game.” Hannah also recently revealed that this season of the popular reality show would be her last.