Nicole Polizzi Shares Fun Pool Pic With Instagram

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shared a fun pool pic with Instagram. The former Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star enjoyed a fun day cooling off from the hot sun alongside oldest children Lorenzo, 7, and Giovanna, 5, in the image, taken at the clan's secondary home located on the New Jersey shoreline.

The reality television personality looked directly into the camera in the selfie. She wore her long, dark tresses up in a chic topknot to keep them out of the water as she enjoyed family time. Nicole had dark sunglasses resting atop her head. On her neck, she wore jewelry familiar to her followers -- a gold necklace that featured the first initials of her three children. The star appeared to wear a black bathing suit, as just a bit of the top was seen as she was submerged in the water up to her shoulders.

Next to Nicole stood her son. His skin was tanned, likely from many fun hours spent playing outside the clan's home that he shares with sister Giovanna, younger brother Angelo, 1, and father Jionni.

The young boy's hair was wet and spiked up high in the air and off his face. He too looked directly at the camera, and his tongue was half sticking out of his mouth. Lorenzo had his left arm encircling the neck of Giovanna, who wore her hair in a similar fashion to her lovely mother.

Behind the family, a patio area was seen, surrounded by a white railing.

Fellow celebrity Melissa Gorga, who appears on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, asked her pal to "come over" in the comments section of the post. From that statement, fans could deduce that the families have homes close to one another in the waterfront area.

Followers flipped out over Melissa's innocent remarks in subsequent comments made regarding her quick post. Several wanted Nicole to now appear on RHONJ since she is no longer filming her former MTV series, and they asked Melissa to make it happen.

Other fans could not get over how big Nicole's children have gotten over the past several months.

"Um excuse me Lorenzo but why do you look so grown?! Who is that big boy?" said one follower.

"NICOLE!!!! look how pretty you are," another admirer stated.

"Gosh they are getting big!" remarked a third Instagram user.

"So nice to see your face today. Sometimes it surprises me in my feed and it always makes me smile back," said a fourth fan of the reality television star.