Nobunny, Culture Abuse Quit Music Industry After Admitting Sexual Misconduct

Tara Lloyd

Nobunny, the rock artist known for performing in a decaying rabbit mask, announced that he has quit music, reported Pitchfork. The music news comes after multiple allegations of assault were leveled at Burger Records, who had worked with the artist in the past. Meanwhile, the band Culture Abuse has broken up following similar accusations.

Nobunny, real name Justin Champlin, released a statement via Facebook admitting to incidents of sexual misconduct.

"I f*cked up bad. I used my power and influence to take advantage of young women and teenage girls," he wrote.

"Everything I have ever done was consensual," he claimed.

However, he acknowledged that "consent isn't always there if the power dynamic is off."

Champlin said he had been sexually assaulted and experienced gang rape, though he recognized that was no excuse for his actions.

The statement ended with an announcement that "Nobunny is over," and that he would be deactivating social media within the next 48 hours.

He apologized to "all the survivors and victims of myself and the toxic scene at large that I am a part of."

Champlin released his last two records, First Blood and Secret Songs, on the Goner label.

The company has since confirmed all works by the artist would be removed from their store and distributor and will work to remove his music from online services.

The label also showed support for the women who came forward.

Conversations like this will hopefully "lead us to a music scene that is a safe space for everyone," the firm noted on Twitter.

Stereogum reported that the band No Parents had dissolved after facing similar claims.

They had previously published an Instagram post which apologized to an alleged victim of assault and said they took her claim "very seriously."

The following day, they announced they would disband.


The allegations have had a ripple effect through the industry.

Culture Abuse also dissolved over instances of sexual assault, wrote SPIN.

Vocalist David Kelling admitted in an Instagram post that he had slept with a 17-year-old 10 years ago, when he was 22 years old.

Culture Abuse then posted on their Instagram page, saying they would no longer be continuing as a band and this behavior "cannot be allowed." The group had frequently taken part in all-ages shows.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Burger Records had closed following multiple allegations of abuse.

The Californian label had originally announced they would be rebranding, but ultimately they decide to shut down production. In a statement, they apologized for "perpetuating a culture of toxic masculinity."